Prospect League Playoff Format



 The Prospect League plays a split season, with first and second-half winners. The first-half winner in each division hosts the second-half winner in a one-game division championship game. If a team wins both halves, the team from the same division with the next-best second-half record qualifies for the playoffs.

Division champions move on to the Conference Championship round, where the two divisional winners from the Eastern Conference (Ohio River Valley and Wabash River Divisions) play each other in a winner-take-all game and the same for the two divisional winners from the Western Conference (Great River and Prairie Land Division). The team with the best overall record hosts the Conference Championship Game. 

Conference Champions advance to the best-of-three Prospect League Championship Series. The team with the best overall record has the choice of hosting game one or games two and three. 

END OF FIRST HALF: The first half of the 2023 Prospect League season ends when the last game is completed on July 2. Official standings are determined by winning percentage, since many teams will have played a different number of games. The Cape Catfish ended the first half with a 22-6 record easily winning the half by 7 games over the Hoots. Sunday August 6th, the Catfish will host the winner of the Prairie Land Division 2nd half winner which looks like it will be the Thrillbillies from Marion, IL.

Tickets are on sale on line at or at the Catfish office at 83 S. Plaza Way.