Prospect League and the Headset App announce partnership

April 17, 2024

MAHOMET, Ill. – The Prospect League and The Headset App announced a multi-year partnership beginning with the 2024 season that makes the summer collegiate baseball league the first to utilize the communications system for in-game communication.

The Headset App system will allow dugout-to-catcher communications utilizing smart devices during Prospect League games starting this summer. As part of the three-year agreement, the League’s 18 teams have access to app licenses to use the system for on-field communications and the ability for bullpen and press box correspondence.

“One of the missions of the Prospect League is to synchronize its on-field product with the highest levels of college baseball,” said Prospect League Commissioner David Brauer. “By partnering with the Headset App, our teams can use on-field communications that players have grown accustomed to on campus while employing an innovative technology application.”

“We are thrilled to be partners with The Prospect League and add their teams to our growing list of forward-thinking coaches and players who use The Headset App for pitch calling and in-game communication,” said Nick Topp, CEO at the Headset App. “The Prospect League is an innovative group with great ideas on how to use The Headset App around the stadium beyond just pitch-calling. They are exploring press box, admissions staff, and concessions use as well, which is really exciting. We are very grateful to be a part of their efforts to improve gameplay and the customer experience on game day.”

“It’s great to see the Prospect League stay up with technology as this has been in MLB for a few years now and we’re excited to try it,” said Mark Hogan, Catfish GM.

The Prospect League begins its 16th season on May 28. Its origins date back 61 years to the Central Illinois Collegiate League (CICL), one of the NCAA’s original summer collegiate leagues beginning in 1963. The Cape Catfish begin their 5th season and have one league championship in 2021 and have made the playoffs all but one season.

About the Cape Catfish

Located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, the Cape Catfish are members of the Prospect League, 18 teams made up of NCAA college-eligible players, created to bring family-friendly and affordable baseball to communities across the Midwest. The Cape Catfish, along with the other Prospect League teams, offer collegiate players an opportunity to experience competitive wooden bat baseball while showcasing their skills in front of MLB and college scouts. The Catfish started playing in Cape at historic Capaha Field in 2019. They went to the championship their inagural season and won the championship in 2021. They begin their 5th season of play in 2024. For more information or for tickets visit

About the Prospect League
The Prospect League is a premier Midwestern wood-bat collegiate summer baseball league with 18 teams across Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. The League provides college players with a professional setting with excellent competition and high-quality facilities while delivering exciting baseball action and affordable all-ages entertainment to its communities. In 2023, the League achieved a new attendance record and led all collegiate summer baseball in growth. Known as the Central Illinois Collegiate League from 1963-2008, the Prospect League has more than 60 years of proud tradition as one of the original and most recognizable summer leagues. The League’s rich history includes Hall of Famers, NCAA and World Series Champions, nearly 200 alumni in Major League Baseball, and more than 800 professional players. For more information visit

About The Headset App
The Headset App offers a straightforward solution for streamlining communications. Originally developed in 2023 for sideline communications for football teams, The Headset App has since expanded its reach, simplifying communication for coach-to-catcher interactions in baseball and softball. Whether used by hotels, event staff, or sports teams, the app leverages the convenience of smartphones and pairs seamlessly with users’ preferred Bluetooth-connected or wired headphones. With widespread adoption across all 50 states and a growing international presence, The Headset App presents a sensible solution for coaches of every stripe, catering to budgets of all sizes. By eliminating the need for costly hardware, teams can now optimize their communication affordably and efficiently. Discover the practicality and convenience of The Headset App today, and experience streamlined communications like never before. Level up your team today with The Headset App – communication, simplified. For more information visit