League is Ready To Break Records Again

Prospect League Recaps Exciting Spring Meetings

MARION, Ill. – The second of two annual off-season meetings involving the Prospect League’s 18 team directors took place on February 18 and 19 at Mtn Dew Park in Marion, Ill., hosted by the Thrillville Thrillbillies.

Two words described the tone of the meetings: new and exciting. As the Prospect League Board of Directors laid the groundwork to “Build for the Future” alongside now second-year Commissioner David Brauer.

“The League’s annual meetings provided an excellent opportunity to bring our directors together, several of whom were appointed in the past year, for multiple days of substantive and productive group discussion. Thrillville’s staff did a tremendous job hosting us and providing a unique and appropriate backdrop,” stated Brauer.

It is important to seize the momentum gained both on and off the field during a very successful 2023 campaign. The resulting reinstatement of an All-Star game, adoption of schedule development initiatives, and strategic discussion about increasing visibility will launch the Prospect League into a new era.”

The League announced at the meetings the selection of a new Prospect League Executive Committee:

President – Ginger Fulton, Champion City
Vice President – David Krakower, Lafayette
Secretary – David Schmoll, O’Fallon
Treasurer – Bruce Rosselli, Terre Haute
East Representative – Bryan Wickline, Chillicothe
West Representative – Ralph Santana, Thrillville

It was also announced that the Prospect League All-Star Game will return beginning in 2025. Full details about the 2025 Prospect League All-Star Game have not yet been released, but the 2025 host team and ballpark will be announced prior to the start of the upcoming season.

The last Prospect League All-Star Game took place during the 2019 season and was hosted by the CornBelters at The Corn Crib in Normal, Ill.

The League released details of rule changes and updates to the Prospect League Rule Book beginning with the 2024 season. Those rule changes and updates include:

Enforcement of the NCAA’s 20-second Pitch Clock using an umpire-held pitch timer device with a buzzer.

Props that do not mock the opponent may be used in celebrations by Prospect League teams provided they remain outside the home plate circle and are used by player(s) returning toward their team’s dugout, and do not interfere with the progress of the game.

Individual teams may opt to participate in the experimentation of three umpire crews, instead of the League minimum of two, at their home games.

Tiebreakers for individual games were updated to include:

No. 4 – Best overall winning percentage against Prospect League teams with .500 or better season records.
No. 5 – Best run differential against Prospect League teams with .500 or better season records.
No. 6 – Tie will be broken between teams using an online randomizer (pickerwheel.com).

Tiebreakers for more than two teams were updated to include:

No. 5 – Tie will be broken between teams using an online randomizer (pickerwheel.com).

“The Annual [Spring] Meetings were very productive. It is always a pleasure to gather with colleagues, share ideas, and seek meaningful solutions to common problems,” said Prospect League President Ginger Fulton. “It was evident that our Directors are dedicated to providing a top-notch experience for our players as well as positioning our organizations to be successful in the marketplace. A special thanks to Ralph Santana and the Thrillville staff for their generous hospitality.”

The 2024 Prospect League season begins on Tuesday, May 28. All Prospect League games are streamed at ProspectLeague.TV. You can follow the league on social @ProspectLeague and at ProspectLeague.com.

About the Prospect League
The Prospect League is a premier Midwestern wood-bat collegiate summer baseball league with 18 teams across Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. The League provides college players with a professional setting with excellent competition and high-quality facilities while delivering exciting baseball action and affordable all-ages entertainment to its communities. In 2023, the League achieved a new attendance record and led all of collegiate summer baseball in growth. Known as the Central Illinois Collegiate League from 1963-2008, the Prospect League has more than 60 years of proud tradition as one of the original and most recognizable summer leagues. The League’s rich history includes Hall of Famers, NCAA and World Series Champions, nearly 200 alumni in Major League Baseball, and more than 800 professional players. For more information visit www.prospectleague.com.

About Cape Catfish
Located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, the Cape Catfish are members of the Prospect League, a
wood-bat collegiate summer baseball league with 18 teams across Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,
Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. The Cape Catfish, along with the other Prospect
League teams, offer collegiate players an opportunity to experience competitive wooden bat
baseball while showcasing their skills in front of MLB and college scouts. The Cape Catfish are starting their 5th season and play at historic Capaha Field in Cape Girardeau.