Godsey Earns Permanent Spot

Landon Godsey came to the Catfish in a non traditional manner. With players missing early in the season, teams in the Prospect league allow teams at add temporary players. The Catfish had three catchers rostered but all were unable to make it for the first couple weeks. Mark Hogan through his coaching contacts found Godsey, a player from Volunteer State who had just committed to Belmont. What a catch he’s turned out to be as he has played in almost every game for the 10-0 Catfish. In 8 games Godsey is batting .400. He has 10 hits, 2 doubles, 5 rbi’s and has scored 9 runs. Those stats alone are very impressive but it only tells half the story, his defense and ability to call a game and control the other teams running game is even more impressive than his offensive numbers. He has thrown 4 runners out so far this season and has done an incredible job with the pitching staff.

At Volunteer State, a Junior College that sits 30 minutes from Nashville, Godsey had a great sophomore season. He played in all 55 games and ended with a solid .368 batting average. He had 68 hits and hit for some power with 15 doubles and 8 home runs. He drove in 46 runs and scored 43 runs and the craziest thing is he did it as a first baseman. He was only behind the plate in one game. Thankfully for the Catfish he didn’t forget how to play that position.

The Catfish wouldn’t be 10-0 and off to their best start if it hadn’t been for Landon Godsey. Welcome to the Catfish Landon and continued success this summer and next season as you play for the Belmont Bruins.